Puritan Preaching: The Pilgrim's Progress

Image from MeetthePuritans.com
By Bob McKelvey - Posted at Meet the Puritans:

An awesome action pic! As I begin a mini-series on "Puritan Preaching," I want to begin with the image of the Puritan preacher from John Bunyan’s, The Pilgrim’s Progress (1678). This will serve as an enticing introduction to an approach that remains so relevant in the church today.

But first, I have a confession to make. I once said that I would never get on Facebook. I quickly realized one of the reasons Facebook is so appealing to so many is, well, the “faces.” We love to look at pictures. I know that I enjoy seeing my friends, how the years have treated them, and how their children are growing. Hey, I like to see my new "friends" and become acquainted with them.

So what does this have to do with Puritan preaching? I wonder what kind of pic you would share with other of your pastor as a preacher? I do not mean a digital image. The picture of which I speak is not a physical but a spiritual image. Such is portrayed in Bunyan’s classic allegory as he opened up the following scene in the Interpreter’s House involving the main character, Christian: ...


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