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A Personal Revival Needed

Posted at This Day in Presbyterian History : August 10 - Rev. Daniel Baker Every Christian worker should have an experience like that of Daniel Baker. In the thirty-ninth year of his life and ministry, the twelfth year of his pastoral ministry, he felt a dryness in his soul, which was evidenced by a lack of fruitfulness in his ministry. So he went not to the philosophers of his day, nor to the Christian counselors, nor to any self-help guru, but rather to God Himself. Going into the woods on August 10, 1830 near his house in Savannah, Georgia, he came to a cemetery. Entering it, finding a tree near a brick tomb, he began to cry to God for revival. Returning to his congregation, he held a congregational prayer meeting in which he requested the members of that church to write notes for whom prayer might be especially desirable. ... Read more...