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We Are Not to Make Images of the Godhead

 By Pastor Benjamin Glaser - Posted at Thoughts From Parson Farms: The Logic and Purpose of the Second Commandment Good Morning, This week as we spend time on the negative thou shalt nots of the Second Commandment we will gain a better perspective on how this portion of God’s word applies to us today, not only as the church, but as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. However, before we get into specific applications we need to deal with the question as to why it (and the Fourth Commandment) receives the most pushback from those within the camp. An unfortunate reality of the world in which we live is that we have been taught that anything that tells you no is necessarily restraining your libertarian freedom. The ethos of the day bites against the bridle. It wants to be free to order life in accordance with what we think makes us happy, and what we think works. Utilitarian libertinism is the philosophy of America. While it has had its blessings in providing the courage to settle the West

Images of Christ

 By Pastor Aldo Leon - Posted at Place for Truth: Part One Published April 18, 2023 Recently, I was part of a floor examination in presbytery and heard a very common exception taken to the WCF concerning the use of images as it pertains to the second commandment, that being, images are the books of the unlearned (or little children). I challenged and made the claim that such an exception should not be because it strikes at the heart of our system of doctrine. Meaning that an exception to the second commandment as it pertains to images is something that is connected to the whole doctrinal system of reformed confessionalism and therefore should not be an accepted exception for ordination and or licensure. Let me lay out a case for you as to why I believe this is so. I will unpack this in three separate articles where in the first two I will lay the groundwork for my claim and in the last I will answer the objections to this claim and offer some conclusions. First, the exception goes aga

Why Reformed Christians do not and cannot affirm images of Christ

By Neil Stewart - Posted at YouTube : Direct Link:  Neil Stewart on why Reformed Christians do not and cannot affirm images of Christ. - YouTube