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The Abitinian Martyrs – The Christians Who Couldn’t Do Without a Lord’s Day Service.

 By Simonetta Carr - Posted at Place for Truth: "Sine dominico non possumus" ("We can't do without the Lord’s Day"). This was the answer of a group of 49 Christians (31 men and 18 women) who were arrested for participating in a Lord’s Day service. They lived in or around Abitina, a city in today's Tunisia which was at that time under Rome. It was the year 304, and Emperor Diocletian had launched an empire-wide persecution against Christians, forbidding their meetings, destroying their churches, and demanding them to hand over (tradere) their Scriptures. Defying the emperor’s orders, this group, led by their presbyter Saturninus, continued to meet secretly for worship in private homes. Discovered and arrested, they were sent to Carthage, about 50 miles away, to be tried by proconsul Gaius Annius Anulinus. Commenting on this arrest, the author of the Acts of the Abitinian Martyrs [1] – most likely an eye-witness – wrote: “As if a Chr