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Ellen Ranyard and Her Team of Bible Women

Image Source:  Ellen Ranyard and Her Team of Bible Women - Place For Truth By Jeffrey Stivason - Posted at Place for Truth: In 1826, 16-year-old Ellen Henrietta White and her family attended a Bible meeting about 14 miles east of her London home. There, she met a girl her age, Elizabeth Saunders, who seemed disconsolate at the departure of her best friend. Deeply concerned, Ellen’s mother volunteered to take Elizabeth to their home for a few days. The change of scenery might do her good, she thought. Naturally, Ellen and Elizabeth began talking about their interests. “Have you ever thought what you will do with your life?” Elizabeth asked. Ellen had never given it much thought. She liked to draw and read. “I hope I shall go on cultivating my mind and my faculties,” she replied. “Yes, but have you thought that this cultivation is to enable you the better to live for others, not for yourself, and that you must live to do something in God&#

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