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Limited Atonement: What is Reformed Theology? with R.C. Sproul

Presented by Ligonier Ministries (YouTube) Description: The most common view of the atonement of Jesus is that Jesus died for everyone—that is, all people from all places in all times, every single human being that ever existed. But in order to take advantage of the benefits of the cross, one must first believe to be saved. Such a view is attractive, until we take a closer look at it. Dr. Sproul will look at this view in light of Scripture in this message entitled “Limited Atonement.” Direct Link:  Limited Atonement: What is Reformed Theology? with R.C. Sproul - YouTube

The Atonement: Was the Sin Question Finally Settled at the Cross?

By A.W. Pink - Posted at Grace Online : It is unspeakably sad that the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ-the most wonderful event that has ever happened or will happen-should have been made the occasion of contention and controversy. That it has been so, affords an awful example of human depravity. The more so, that throughout the centuries of this Christian era, some of the hottest theological battles have been waged over the vital truth of the Atonement. Speaking generally, only two views or interpretations of the Cross have received much favor among the professed people of God: the one which affirmed that the Atonement was effected to make certain the salvation of all who believe; the other which supposed that atonement was made in order to make possible the salvation of all men. The former is the strict Calvinist view; the latter, the Arminian. Even here, the difference was not merely one of terms, but of truth over against error. The one is definite and explicit; the other

The Lie of Unlimited Atonement

Posted at Regeneration, Repentance and Reformation : Taken and adapted from, “AN ANTIDOTE AGAINST ARMINIANISM or A TREATISE TO ENERVATE AND CONFUTE ALL FIVE POINTS OF IT” with extracts from Dr. John Gill, Dr. Isaac Watts, Augustus Toplady, John Newton, J. Hart, etc. Recommended by Dr. John Owen, and published for the public good. Written and edited by Christopher Ness Fourth Edition published in London, in the Year 1700 The Extent of the Atonement God imposed his wrath, and Christ underwent the pains of hell either for, 1 All of the sins of all men, 2 All of the sins of some men, or 3 Some of the sins of all men. In which case it may be said: A  That if the last is true, then all men have some sins to answer for, and so none are saved. B  That if the second is true, then Christ suffered in their stead for all of the sins of all of the elect in the whole world – and this is the truth. C  But if the first is the case, then why are not all men free from the punishment