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Bavinck: The Covenant of Grace in the OT

 By Wes Bredenhof I’m continuing to make my way through Volume 3 of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics . Chapter 5, on the Covenant of Grace, I’ve found to be especially interesting. One of the things he discusses is the differences between the Old Testament and New Testament administrations of the Covenant of Grace. I found this section particularly insightful... Continue here.

Calvinism Has No Use for Such Drivel (Bavinck)

Posted at The Reformed Reader : Some have said that the Pelagian or Semi-Pelagian view of God, evil, election, salvation, and damnation is more kind and loving than the Calvinist view. If you’ve heard that, it’s completely false. I usually like to keep posts shorter than this, but Herman Bavinck’s full section on the topic is worth reading. After spending quite some time discussing the Scripture texts that talk about reprobation, God rejecting and hardening some people, using Pharoah to show his power, and displaying his absolute sovereignty in and through evil, Bavinck applies this truth: These numerous strong pronouncements of Scripture are daily confirmed in the history of humankind. The defenders of reprobation, accordingly, have always appealed to these appalling facts, of which history is full. Present in this world there is so much that is irrational, so much undeserved suffering, so many inexplicable disasters, such unequal and incomprehensible apportionment of good an