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Christ: The Banner of all Christendom

By Archibald G. Brown, December 5th, 1869, Stepney Green Tabernacle, Excerpt from My Banner - Posted at Grace Gems: "And Moses built an altar, and called the name of it  Jehovah Nissi .  [The LORD is My Banner]" Exodus 17:15 II. Christ as our Banner, is the Banner of all Christendom. On this part of our subject I desire to speak with the greatest plainness, as I am confident that here many mistakes are made. "Jehovah Nissi" is no mere sectarian or denominational flag — but the royal ensign of a royal host. No one sect can claim it as its own, to the exclusion of others. It belongs equally to all who have been called to the "good fight," no matter to what portion of the militant host they may belong. Do not think for a moment that I would advocate the surrender of our party colors, or plead for the extinction of denominations. Such a thing is an impossibility, and even if it could he accomplished, I would be sorry to see it done. An army is none