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Careful and Considerate Speaking

 By Pastor Benjamin Glaser - Posted at Thoughts From Parson Farms: How You Say God's Name Shows What You Think of Him Good Morning! It’s always an interesting start to the day when I get to talk about vain janglings. Of the many unique things we come across in the Larger Catechism some of my favorites are the older words and ways used to describe particular violations of the law of God. They provide an opportunity for us to consider first of all, what they might be, and also remind of us of how seriously our forefathers in the faith took everything that they did. Kind of like the long list of names at the opening of 1 Chronicles can move us to boredom, it can be the case that when our WLC gets into the minute examples of the ways we can break the commandment we have a tendency to allow the particularity of it to make us think these guys were at best overly scrupulous and at worst that dreaded of all insults, Pharisees. Yet, their care and love and desire for all of us to be holy as