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New Birth

Anne Dutton - Wikipedia By Anne Dutton - Posted at Grace Gems : Dear Friend, Grace unto you and peace be multiplied. . . . I hear you say, "I greatly want to know whether I am one of those who are born again." There are two ways whereby a soul comes to know that it is born again. The first is by the revelation of the Spirit bearing witness to the soul in some word or other where this truth is declared. The second is by His enabling the soul to discern its own acts in Divine light, and to draw conclusions from its discerned acts of grace that it has the principle; and in both these ways the Lord can give you satisfaction in an instant if it pleases Him. But, generally speaking, it is some time before a child of God can draw steady conclusions of its being new-born from its own feelings of the new life; and therefore you may be new-born though you do not know it! A living infant, you know, when first born into the world has life, but it does not know it. It had a s