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Confessional Boundary Stones

Being Captivated by the Beauty of God

The Protestant Reformation: An Illustration of the Sovereignty of God

Cooked Goose Bohemian Style

Why We Are Not Ashamed Of The C16th Protestant Reformation

John Newton (1725-1807): The Former Slaver & Preacher

The Salvation of John Newton

The Saint and Satan’s Accusations (Gurnall)

God’s Hearty Invitation to Sinners

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock.

Of Prayer: Which is the sixth petition?

The Young Christian Lured by the World

How God May Use Adversity

THE PILGRIMS (an allegory) by Hannah More

Hannah More (1745-1833)

Hannah More: Smaller virtues -- and lesser vices

Hannah More: A New Impulse, A Nobler Bent

Preventing the Dangers of Straying from the Truth

Of Prayer: Which is the fifth petition?

“God Arising And Pleading His People’s Cause”

Fear Has Its Place

The Scottish Reformation, 1532-1560

The Sin of Slander and Backbiting

Reasons to Trust Christ

The UPCNA’s Henderson Institute

Of Prayer: Which is the fourth petition?

American Covenanters and Abolitionism

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