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Word of Warning

By Rev. Benjamin P. Glaser - Posted at Mountains and Magnolias: The Prophet Amos warned of a day when there would be a famine upon the land of Israel. It was not going to be one like Israel had seen in the days of Joseph where the people were starving from a lack of grain, but a famine where the Word of the LORD would be scarce and men and women would find themselves longing for spritual food, yet not being able to find it because they sought it from dead idols. This was partially fulfilled in the days of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. He dealt with this problem after the feeding of the 5,000 in John 6. The people had the Word of the Bread of Life in their presence yet longed for the worldy bread that became moldy and stale rather than resting in the blessed nourishment of the good spiritual food of Christ. They did this because in God’s holy wrath He had blinded their eyes from the Truth. In that same chapter in John’s gospel you hear Christ speak of the eternal mercy of Go