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Relics Remain

By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at The Heidelblog : It is a general, if unstated, assumption among moderns that whatever the causes of the Reformation might have been, they must be long past. Often, however, that assumption is ill-founded. In fact, the fundamental causes for the Reformation (e.g., the Roman denial of the perspicuity, and of the final and unique authority of Holy Scripture; the Roman corruption of grace, and the Roman denial of the unique office of faith in salvation) still remain. Rome still sells indulgences . She also still has relics. Despite what people may assume about Vatican II and despite the appearances created by documents like Evangelicals and Catholics Together and the agreement on justification between Rome and the Lutheran World Federation (not exactly a bastion of Lutheran orthodoxy) and despite the appearance created by a socially and theologically “progressive” pontiff, Rome has not changed her dogma. Neither has she changed canon law (confe