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Old Princeton: The Legacy of Old Princeton Seminary

By David Calhoun - Posted at A Place for Truth : The Synod of Dort summed up the soteriology of Calvinism in five points. In this article I will sum up the legacy of Old Princeton Seminary in six points. 1. God’s Word is truth. On the last New Year’s day of his life, Charles Hodge was visited by one of the seminary students, who asked for a motto. The old man wrote in a firm hand and with large letters, “Thy word is truth.” Charles Hodge and the other Princeton professors believed that the Bible was the infallible Word of God. They maintained that the Bible itself claimed that it was completely true, that Jesus believed it to be entirely trustworthy, and that the whole Christian church, until recent times, had held it to be absolutely authoritative. 2. All truth is God’s truth. In 1825 Charles Hodge began the Biblical Repertory “to render accessible to American readers some of the fruits of mature learning of English and German scholars.” Soon the journal included original art

Invocation of Saints and Prayer to Mary?

By Shane Lems - Posted at The Reformed Reader: Systematic Theology, Charles Hodge The Roman Catholic Catechism still teaches and affirms prayer to Mary and invocation of the saints for help (see paragraphs 2675, 2676, 2683, 956, etc.). In Protestant theology, specifically in the Reformed catechisms, prayer to Mary and to the saints is said to be idolatry – a violation of the first commandment. Why or how is prayer to saints or Mary (or anyone besides God) a form of idolatry and a grave sin? Charles Hodge explains this well as he gives three main theological objections to the invocation of saints (I’ve slightly edited the following for length): ... Read more here...