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John Owen on the Holy Spirit

By Dr. Carl Trueman - Posted at Sermon Audio : Link: John Owen - Image Source:

John Owen on Christ

By Dr. Carl Trueman - Posted at Sermon Audio : Link:

John Owen on God

By Dr. Carl Trueman - Posted at Sermon Audio : Link:

Mortification of Sin Outline

Posted at Outlaw Huguenot: Foundation of the Discourse The relationship between justification and mortification is cause and effect (Owen 6). Our duty: The choicest believers, who are assuredly freed from the condemning power of sin, ought yet to make it their business all their days to mortify the indwelling power of sin (7). The efficient cause of this duty: The Holy Spirit (“if by the Spirit”). Mortification must be done by the Spirit. Every other way is vain. What are the deeds of the body? The body is the seat and instrument of the corruption of our nature (7). It is the same as “the old man” and the “body of sin.” The power of our spiritual life depends on how much we mortify the deeds of the flesh (9). Continue reading...

John Owen and the Practice of Theology

By Dr. Carl Trueman - Posted at Sermon Audio : Link :

John Owen: The Man and His Time

By Dr. Carl Trueman - Posted at Sermon Audio : Details: Part of the Westminster Conference Series, Dr Trueman brings alive the theology of one of the greatest reformers of the protestant reformation. Dr Trueman is an Associate Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. He has lectured and written many articles. It was our pleasure and honor to have him here lecturing on this great theologian. Link:

John Owen: 'The Lust of the Flesh'

John Owen (theologian) - Wikipedia Posted at Purely Presbyterian : “Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.” 1 Peter 2:11 John Owen Temptation and Sin Works, vol. 6, exc. ch. 6. The Lust of the Flesh. First, In general it is said to lust: Gal. 5:17, “ The flesh lusteth against the Spirit. ” This word expresseth the general nature of that opposition which the law of sin maketh against God and the rule of his Spirit or grace in them that believe; and, therefore, the least degree of that opposition is expressed hereby. When it doth any thing, it lusteth; as, because burning is the general acting of fire, whatever it doth else, it doth also burn. When fire doth any thing it burns; and when the law of sin doth any thing it lusts. Hence, all the actings of this law of sin are called “ The lusts of the flesh: ” Gal. 5:16, “ Ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh ;” Rom. 13:14, “ Make no provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. ” Nor are these lusts of

Rejoicing in Life

By Colin Mercer - Posted at the Daily Devotionals: (7th July) Rejoicing in Life Reading: 1 Peter 1:8 There is much in this world that causes despair and discouragement in the heart of the Christian. Sin without, combined with the sin that dwells within us. often mars our happiness. But over against those reasons for despair stands a glorious reason for rejoicing. The Puritan Robert Asty said, “There is enough in Christ Jesus alone for the soul’s full rejoicing.” As Peter testifies, “We rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.” The Christian’s joy rests on the person of Christ. If the Lord Jesus was a mere man, our confidence and contentment in Him would be misplaced. Men fail and disappoint, but with Christ it is different. Christ is truly man but He is also truly God. The Lord Jesus occupies the unique position of having two natures in one person forever. He is both God and man at the one time, and therefore Christ is the perfect Saviour. We rejoice