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Of God the Son

For Thanksgiving 2015: 'A Prayer of Moses the man of God.'

"Thanksgiving Street" by Susannah Spurgeon

The Death of John Knox (1572)

CH Spurgeon: 'Acquiring Perseverance'

Rev. Adam Boyd: An Old Side Presbyterian Plants Numerous Churches

Of God The Father (Continued)

The Scriptural Regulative Principle of Worship

Distorting the Gospel

Is Christmas Scriptural?

Top 10 Traditions About Christ’s Birth That Are Not True

The Second Helvetic Confession

WLC #109, Mental Images of Christ, and a Seceder View

A Jonathan Edwards Warning Label

The Waldensians – their antiquity and faith through time immemorial

Of God The Father

The Lord who fights

The Trial of Lady Jane Grey – 13th November 1553

The Trumpeter of Scotland: The Preaching of John Knox

John Knox: The Making of a Reformer

Scottish and American History Series by Dr. George Grant

Extract from “A History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in America” - Rev W.M.Glasgow, M.D. (1888)

Extract from "Scotland's Mark on America," by George Fraser Black.

The Second Part - Of Man's Deliverance (Conclusion)

Early Presbyterians in America and the Declaration of Independence.

The Irish Killing Time (1641)

Beginnings of the Ulster-Scots / Scotch-Irish.

Ulster Scots: Presbyterians in Ireland - So many Oaths to take.

Catholic and Protestant