Reprobation: I Could Never Love A God Like That!

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Posted at The Reformed Reader:

Reprobation is a tough teaching of Scripture. It’s not something to talk about lightly; it is weighty! I appreciate the following words on this:

“If the doctrine of reprobation is as difficult as it seems, then why should we speak about it at all? One reason, as we have seen [earlier in the chapter], is that the Bible itself speaks about it [e.g. Prov. 16:4, Jn 12:39-40, 13:18, 17:12, 1 Pet. 2:7-8, Jude 4, etc.]. This is also the primary answer to a person who says, ‘I could never love a God like that.’ Fair enough, we may say; nevertheless that is the God with whom you have to deal. However, this is not a completely satisfying answer, and there are other meaningful things to say about reprobation.”


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