Who Needs a Reformation?

By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at Sermon Audio:


I. The Roman Church

A. The Formal Question: Authority
1. Who Formed Whom? Scripture and Tradition
2. Perspicuity vs. Skepticism
B. The Material Question: Justification
1. Its Ground
2. Its Instrument

II. The Modern “Evangelical Church”

A. The Formal Question: Scripture
1. The Modern Evangelical Debt to Modernity
a) Rationalism
b) Subjectivism/Romanticism
2. Its Temporary Alliance with the Reformation
a) Uneasy from the Start
b) Machen Thrown Over for Schleiermacher and Kant
3. Its Uneasiness with Ecclesiastical Authority
a) Ministerial
b) Confessional
B. The Material Question: Justification
1. Neo-Evangelicalism's Mixed Roots
a) Reformation
b) Pietism
2. Its Rejection of the Reformation

III. The Reformed Churches

A. Theology
B. Piety
C. Practice

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