Grace Gems: "The Christian should remember that every day he lives, he has..."

a God to glorify,
a soul to save,
repentance to perform,
a Savior to believe and imitate,
a body to mortify through the Spirit,
graces and virtues to nurture by earnest prayer,
sins to weep over and forsake,
mercies and deliverances to be thankful for,
a Hell to avoid,
a Paradise to gain,
an eternity to meditate upon,
time to redeem,
a neighbor to edify,
works of charity to perform,
a world to fear, and yet to conquer,
demons to combat,
passions to subdue, and
perhaps, death to suffer, and judgment to undergo!
And all these must be met and performed in the grace of Christ, and not in your own strength, which is perfect weakness.

"Hold me up, and I shall be safe!" Psalm 119:117

(Hannah More, "Self-Examination")



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