What Does the Bible Teach About Satan?

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Although some critics and skeptics say that Christians made up a figure like Satan to scare people into morality, the truth of the matter is that Satan is real. Even some non-Christian religions talk of evil beings and spirits, and a leader of these evil beings. So what does the Bible teach about Satan? Sydney Page has a nice summary in chapter nine of Fallen: A Theology of Sin (edited by C. W. Morgan and R. A. Peterson). Here’s an edited outline of his excellent essay:

1) Satan is a created being. Evil has not always existed, nor has the Evil One. Scripture clearly represents Satan as being on the creature side of the Creator/creature distinction (Col. 1:15-20, etc.).

2) Satan is a fallen being. Not only does Scripture present Satan as a created being, but also it presents him as a fallen being. The first chapter of Genesis makes clear that God’s original creation was good, but Satan is undeniably evil. See 1 Tim. 3:1-7 (esp. v 6), John 8:44, Rom. 16:20, Rev. 12:9 and 20:2.

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