The Centrality of Jesus in History

By John Hendryx - Posted at

Here is a quick sweeping picture of the history of redemption.

God has revealed Himself in space-time history by becoming flesh in the Person of Jesus Christ. His purpose was to glorify Himself by redeeming sinful, fallen creatures from their bondage and captivity to sin and its deadly consequences. He did this by becoming our representative (Heb 2:17; 4:15), doing for us from our side what we were unable to do for ourselves. He is the center, the focal point of human history, and all of human history prior to the coming of Jesus Christ was a preparation for His coming:

After human beings rebelled against God and lost their original favor with Him, death and suffering entered into their world, God, not wanting His people to perish forever, was merciful and immediately made a promise that he would eventually redeem them through the woman's seed (Gen 3:15). God initiated and fulfilled his redemptive promise through the establishment of covenants with humanity: ...

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