Early Cumberland Presbyterian church – Missionaries sent and schools

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The following has been transcribed from Transactions of the Alabama Historical Society: New series Volume 4 By Alabama Historical Society 1904


By The Rev. James H. B. Hall, Birmingham

Part IV

We are now prepared for the reception of the following extract taken from the report of the committee on the state of religion at the same meeting of the synod, Oct. 19, 1819:

“By the heaven-born charity and zeal of some female members of the church, funds have been raised, which have enabled the Missionary Board to employ several missionaries a considerable part of their time, by which your bounds have been much enlarged in the south and west.

This has multiplied calls and cries to our Presbyterial and Missionary Boards for help. The people desire the word and ordinances. Among the most impressive calls we hear is one from the tawny sons of the woods of the south.”

Dr. Beard, in speaking of this period, says:

“It seems that in consequence of the opening condition of things, and the state of feeling developed in the Church, the plan was conceived of a school in the Chickasaw Nation, which should combine at once instruction in letters and religion, together with domestic, agricultural, and mechanical pursuits. ..."
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