Excerpt from 'Ane godlie Dreame'

By Elizabeth Melville (Lady Culross,)

Published 1603

One day as mourned very sorely,
With various things which my soul was grieving
My peace fled and could not be relieved
With heaviness my heart was very upset
I loathed my life, I could not eat or drink
I could not speak or look to any living soul
But mused alone and diverse things did think.

The wretched world did irritate my mind
I thought upon this false and Iron age,
And how our hearts were so to vice inclined
That Satan seemed most fearfully to rage
Nothing on earth my sorrow could ease
I felt my sin most strongly to increase
I grieved my Spirit that was wont to be,
My soul was drowned in deep distress...

Before the Lord I had thus complained
My mind grew calm, my heart was at great rest...

I long to live with my Redeemer near.

Is this the cause, said he, rise up at once,
And follow me and I shall be your guide...

Editor's Note:

This excerpt from Ane Godlie Dreame has been framed and hanging in my home for a decade or so and while I can't find the exact online source for the complete poem it's from, it is probably tucked away in a file somewhere.  My hope is to share more with you as I am able. 

May the good Lord bless the reader and may we long for His presence just as the lovely Scots Worthy Elizabeth Melville did.



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