If God is For Us Who Can Be Against Us?

By Rev. Benjamin P. Glaser - Posted at Mountains and Magnolias:

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Those salient words of the apostle Paul in the book of Romans have long been the calling card of faithful Christians in the face of the instruments of the evil one. It is with these words that many a believer has been brought to comfort and peace despite every effort of those who stand against the Bride of Christ.

This was the same ethos that allowed Hezekiah to not fear, despite his own weaknesses, the fancy and fallacious words of Sennacherib. In the 2nd Book of Chronicles you have the chief spokesman for the king of Assyria promising death and destruction to any who would stand in the way of the will of the sovereign leader of his people. There resulted from this a great worry among the Israelites, and as king Hezekiah had a responsibility to defend his land from those who would like to see it laid waste and taken for their own use. Many a leader has faced similar situations, but the response of Hezekiah is instructive for us today. He speaks in 2 Chronicles 32:7-8 in this way: ...

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