John Bunyan Archive at Chapel Library:

Some say that Bunyan's famous allegory about Pilgrim's journey to the Celestial City has been second only to the Bible itself in the number of copies sold worldwide over the three and a half centuries since it was first published. Sadly, much of what Bunyan wrote has been forgotten. Included here are all Bunyan's Works as edited by George Offor in 1862.

Dr. Barry Horner of Bunyan Ministries has provided the PDF files. Dr. Horner has released these files for personal use only. Reproduction, electronic or otherwise, is not permitted without the written permission of Dr. Horner.

Worldwide: Please use the online downloads without charge (PDF, get Adobe Reader).

North America: Chapel Library prints several Bunyan works and The Pilgrim's Progress Part One, complete with Offor's notes. To request these without charge use the shopping cart, write, or email us.


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