The Advantages of Persecution (Brooks)

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Posted at The Reformed Reader:

I’ve not faced any serious persecution. I have been made fun of a few times for being a Christian and there have been times when I was treated poorly because of my faith. But I haven’t faced jail time, extreme injustice, or physical torture for following Christ. I’m guessing quite a few of our readers have had similar experiences as I have had. However, perhaps some of our readers have experienced serious persecution from their family, friends, neighbors, or authority figures. There certainly are Christians today who suffer at the hands of evil and brutal persecution simply because they believe in Jesus.

Thankfully the Lord knows the suffering of his people, hears their cries, and does not leave them when they are persecuted. In fact, because he is sovereign, our Father can even use persecution for his glory and for the good of his church. In one section of his 1662 publication, The Crown and Glory of Christianity, Thomas Brooks summarizes various Bible teachings on the advantages of persecution. I’ll summarize some of them below: ...


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