Latin Lesson: Historic Protestantism on Christ’s Kingdom

Posted at The Reformed Reader:

As a few of our readers may know, in some small pockets of Reformed Christianity there is strong opposition to making distinctions in the way Christ reigns over the world. Some say we must not distinguish between Christ’s general rule over all and his saving rule over his church. (FYI, if you’ve not heard of this issue, it’s probably not something you need to dig into.) I have to admit that I’m not sure why there is such strong opposition to this distinction, since Protestant and Reformed theologians have made distinctions – based on Scripture - in this area for quite some time. If one doesn’t agree with this teaching, that’s OK; but if one calls this teaching un-Reformed or heretical, that’s simply not acceptable. In case you’re wondering, here’s how Richard Muller describes the historic Protestant view of Christ’s kingdom (I’ve edited it for length): ...

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