Giving Thanks to the God Who Knows Us

 By Pastor Benjamin Glaser - Posted at Thoughts from Parson Farms:

Understanding How the Attributes of the LORD Move Us to Praise

Good Morning!

Well, as we roll along here at the beginning of the catechism we continue to look at the big picture stuff. We’ve gone from the why do we exist question to how do we know there is a God, to what is God. There is enough in each of those to keep us busy for the rest of our lives (and for eternity blessedly). This week’s Larger Catechism Q/A has us at the latter. What can we know about God and what do His attributes tell us about how we are to adore our Creator. There is much in the Bible which calls on the creation to meditate on the glory and majesty of the Triune Deity. It is one of those subjects that really separates the believer from the unbeliever, the lover from the pretender. If God bores you than there is a problem. That’s not to say there isn’t so much going on here that we can get overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion. However, there is a difference between being exhausted by the splendid being of God, and not caring. It’s part of the reason why we are called to carefully consider the ways, means, and person of Jehovah, and why it will take the rest of time to fully know Him, and yet the blessing of Heaven means that as our understanding grows, so does our joy, our thanksgiving, and our appreciation of these things.

As an aside that’s why we worship every week and why each Lord’s Day is a fresh opportunity to give praise unto the Lord above. No Sabbath is the same, because no moment in life is just a rehash of what came before. Providence provides daily witness to His love for us in myriads of life situations, which draws us to the throne of grace in God’s mercy. We need the opportunity every Sunday to share these things with others whom the Lord loves. That’s why we worship, that’s why we do it together, and must do it together. Because Jehovah has saved us in His Son, called us by His Spirit, and brought us as one before Him in felicity. Now for the questions...

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