Sally Jones Charles – Pillar of the Welsh Revival at Bala [Wife of Thomas Charles]

 By Simonetta Carr - Posted at Place for Truth:

Most accounts of Welsh church history recognize the impressive contributions of Thomas Charles[1], the pastor of a Calvinistic Methodist church in Bala, Wales, in the Welsh Revival of his century, in the establishment of a great number of schools in the region, and in the foundation of the Bible Society.

Few accounts, however, recognize the importance of his wife, Sally Jones, the only reason why he moved to Bala in the first place and his greatest human source of encouragement and support.

Sally (Sarah) Jones was born in Bala on November 12, 1753. Her father David died when she was only six, leaving his family with the administration of their shop – a typical store selling “nearly everything required for house hold purposes and personal wear ... from senna to silk hats and scrubbing-brushes to the most delicate of edibles.”[2]

Sally’s mother Jane soon remarried. The man she chose was Thomas Foulks, a widower and itinerant preacher. The shop brought in enough income to support the family and Foulks’s ministry and to provide hospitality to other itinerant preachers. As Sarah grew, she assumed more responsibilities in the shop, proving to be an excellent businesswoman.


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