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 By Rev. Benjamin Glaser - Posted at Thoughts From Parson Farms:

How the Heavenly Intercession of Christ Helps Us on the Day of Judgment


Of all the constants in the thanksgivings available for the Christian life a certain truth is that our God, as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, is always with His people. The fearful pronouncement to evil men by the prophet Isaiah that the wicked cannot hide in the heart of the mountain is a great blessing to the faithful, for it shows once more the omnipresence of Jehovah. In today’s look at the catechism we’ll be spending time on what makes that so true, both for the moment-by-moment assurance of faith we need and the way it gives foundation to the eternal mercy of the believer offered in the gospel of grace.

Here are our Q/A’s:

Q. 55: How doth Christ make intercession?

A. Christ makes intercession, by his appearing in our nature continually before the Father in heaven, in the merit of his obedience and sacrifice on earth, declaring his will to have it applied to all believers; answering all accusations against them, and procuring for them quiet of conscience, notwithstanding daily failings, access with boldness to the throne of grace, and acceptance of their persons and services.

Q. 56: How is Christ to be exalted in his coming again to judge the world?

A. Christ is to be exalted in his coming again to judge the world, in that he, who was unjustly judged and condemned by wicked men, shall come again at the last day in great power, and in the full manifestation of his own glory, and of his Father’s, with all his holy angels, with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God, to judge the world in righteousness.


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