Heidelcast 134: A Federal Vision Primer

By Dr. R. Scott Clark - Posted at The Heidelblog:

I am interrupting the series on the doctrine of God to talk a little bit more about the Federal Vision. I have received many comments from those who tell me that they do not understand the Federal Vision. What is it? From where did it come? Why should anyone care? In light of those queries and in light of the recent interview featuring a leading advocate of the Federal Vision, it seemed like a good idea to do on the Heidelcast what I have done elsewhere, i.e., to give a basic introduction to the Federal Vision. One comment, which I neglected to mention in this episode, is that the recent interview is just a redux of 2004, when the former Presiding Minister of the CREC was examined by his presbytery and declared to be orthodox. In 2007, however, he co-signed the Joint Federal Vision Profession. In 2017 he reaffirmed all that he wrote about the Federal Vision, including the JFVP. Newcomers to the controversy are understandably confused. Is the leading advocate of the FV theology for it or against it? To some of them, what was said in the recent interview seemed orthodox enough. Why the controversy? Do we not, as was said in the recent interview, have bigger (cultural) fish to fry?

(Approximately 56 minutes)


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