PSALM 59; A Song of Deliverance

By Rev. A.P. McIntyre - Posted at Clogher Valley Free Presbyterian Church

It is a blessed experience to prove God. In providence the Lord permits us to go through tribulation and experience suffering in order that we might know by experience that He is a faithful God. It is a blessing to know this academically from our reading of scripture and knowledge of theology that He is a covenant keeping God. It is a greater and more triumphant blessing however to learn practically that this is true; that God was by my side in that bed of sickness and that He stood with me even though all forsook me. This was David’s happy experience, which in turn prompted the 59th Psalm.

The circumstances lay in the beginning of his difficulties with Saul. The King in his jealous rage ordered his men in lie in wait for David at his own house where he was living with his wife Michal, who was also Saul’s daughter. The cunning of Michal, however, saved David’s life and he escaped safely (1st Samuel 19:11-17).

As David reflected upon this incident, however, he recognised the overarching care of God and he composed a song of praise. Some Psalms are inspired prayers for deliverance in a day of extreme difficulty. This Psalm is one of praise after the trial has passed. David never forgot to thank God.

Indeed, as Matthew Henry pointed out by way of exhortation – David’s spirituality never suffered when afflicted. Indeed the opposite was the case. In his suffering he grew taller and stronger for God.


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