Book Review: By honour and dishonour

"The book will appeal to a wider audience for a number of reasons. Its early chapters give a useful overview of Presbyterianism in Ireland from the Plantation times. ..."

Title of the Book: By honour and dishonour
Author: Ernest C. Brown
Publisher: Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Publisher's address or where the book may be obtained: Evangelical Bookshop, Belfast BT1 6DD
Year of publication: 2016
Number of pages: 543
Hardback or paperback: Hardback
Price: £15.00 plus p/p
ISBN: 978-0-952266-22-8

This book far transcends the record of the denominational history of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland which prompted its production. The EPC is a conservative Protestant and Reformed denomination in a small country where there are no less than 5 different strands of Presbyterianism represented, or 6 if you include the Unitarian Non Subscribers. The EPC came into existence as a result of the largest Presbyterian denomination (Presbyterian Church in Ireland) overwhelmingly endorsing the heresy and apostasy of Professor Davey in 1926. The charges against Davey were brought by men like Rev, James Hunter and the theological student, WJ Grier who became the founding fathers of the EPC. The book charts extensively the struggles, tensions and progress of this denomination over the last 50 years.


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