Calvin on the Lord’s Prayer

Posted at Reiterations:

"The first petition is, 'Hallowed by Your name.' The necessity of presenting it bespeaks our great disgrace. For what can be more unbecoming than that our ingratitude and malice should impair, and that our audacity and petulance should, as much as in them lies, destroy the glory of God? But, though all the ungodly should burst with sacrilegious rage, the holiness of God’s name still shines forth. Justly does the psalmist exclaim, 'As Your name, O God, so Your praise reaches to the end of the earth' (Psalm 48.10). For wherever God has made Himself known, His perfections must be displayed: His power, goodness, wisdom, justice, mercy, and truth – which fill us with admiration and incite us to show forth His praise.

"Therefore, as the name of God is not duly hallowed on the earth, and we are otherwise unable to assert it, it is, at least, our duty to make it the subject of our prayers. ..."

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