Intercessory Prayer

 By Andrew Kerr - Posted at Gentle Reformation:


In light of huge need, before the Coming of the Lord, it is good to be reminded of the call to intercede.


How does Abraham, the Man of Faith, who had been growing in covenant grace, now seek the LORD for the sparing of imminent incineration of Sodom?

Intercession is Polite

Though it does not quite come across so obviously in the English versions of the Bible, repeatedly, throughout the sacred, supplicatory, encounter, a deferential, mannerly, tone is employed by the Patriarch in the presence of the LORD.

Intercession is Reverent

The Patriarch is aware of the greatness and glory of the God to whom he prays, as Divinely Covenant King. And so he says twice "let not the LORD be angry" which is literally "let not the LORD burn". He is very careful, to avoid all inflammatory or impudent remarks.


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