Rachel Caldwell: A Firm Faith in God’s Provision and Protection

Source: Wikimedia Commons

By David T. Myers - Posted at This Day in Presbyterian History:

In your mind’s eye, consider the scene. The proud Presbyterian pastor and parents, Alexander Craighead and his wife, are introducing their old friend, the Rev David Caldwell, to their third child, a daughter, born to their household. Rev. Caldwell takes the new born infant into his arms to cradle this precious covenant child of God. Fast forward twenty plus years! The Rev. David Caldwell, Presbyterian Pastor to two Presbyterian congregations, and educator at his Log College, in North Carolina, at age 41 takes Rachel Craighead Caldwell, age 24, into his home as his wife!

Rachel Caldwell had already experienced much already in her young years in the American Colonies. She had the experience of fleeing often out the back door of her home as the native Americans were bringing their tomahawks into the front door. It became so dangerous that her parents moved south to safer areas of the country, namely North Carolina.

The influence she had in both the pastoral ministry of her husband with two Presbyterian churches (which still exist today!), to say nothing of the example to the Log College students in their celebrated classical school , was truly one with a firm belief in God’s protection and provision.

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