God washes and scours, trains and nurtures them!

From Grace Gems Daily E-Devotional for February 13, 2017:

(The Preacher's Book)

Frankincense, when it is put into the fire--gives off the greater perfume.

Spice, if it is pounded and beaten--smells the sweeter.

The earth, when it is torn up with the plough--becomes more fruitful.

The seed in the ground, after frost and snow and winter storms--grows the thicker.

The nearer the vine is pruned to the stock--the larger grapes it yields.

The grape, when it is most pressed and beaten--makes the sweetest wine.

Linen, when it is washed and wrung and beaten--is so made fairer and whiter.

In the same way, the children of God receive great benefit by affliction--for by it God washes and scours, trains and nurtures them.

"Every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit!" John 15:2

Source: GraceGems.org


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