The Point of Scripture

By Dr. T.M. Moore - Posted at The Fellowship of Ailbe:

It's all about Jesus.

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“You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me.” John 5.39

It’s about Jesus
The point of Scripture, the Word of God, is Jesus Christ. Simply put, period. Wherever you’re reading in the Bible, whatever doctrine you may be focusing on, book you may be pondering, example you may be sorting through, or topic you may be studying, if Jesus Christ is not the center of it, you may be in danger of missing the point of God’s Word.

And if you miss the point of God’s Word, you may easily veer of the path of joy and rejoicing into one of self-righteousness, spiritual smugness, intellectual vapidity, or mere spiritual indifference. Only Jesus is Life (Jn. 14.6); only in His presence can we know fullness of joy and pleasures forever more (Ps. 16.11). Miss Jesus, and you’ve missed the Scriptures altogether.

Don’t get me wrong; the Bible contains many interesting and important topics besides Jesus Christ. There are promises to claim, prophecies in some stage of fulfillment, stories to guide our conduct, doctrines to inform our faith, and much more.

But central to all these, and the only hope we have of benefiting from any of them, is Jesus Christ. All of Scripture is like a spiritual Rorschach Test. Everywhere you turn, whatever you’re reading, studying, or hearing, the final answer is, “Jesus Christ.”


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